viernes, 24 de abril de 2015


Caitlin seems to be a lonely girl. As lonesome as the aquarium she visits every day after school. This place is described as a beautiful and poetical universe where many species live submerged in a perdurable tranquility.

Seattle Aquarium has become some sort of shelter for twelve-year-old Caitlin, whose own existence is constantly compared to that huge tank's reality. There she will meet her soul mate: an old man who has a similar vision of life on the other side of the glass.

Things are quite different at home though. Caitlin's mother is a blue-collar worker who does not have time to stop and stare at fish. They live in a suburb where overcoming frustration is very difficult. Fortunately she has a nice new boyfriend.

And her daughter counts on a lovely friend too, the colorful Hindu Shalini. They both have a good time together. And we enjoy those moments, full of spontaneity and innocence.

Everything will change as the old man of the aquarium ends up being a crucial person for Caitlin and her mom. Despite this unexpected and brutal turnaround, the reader will still be inmersed in the lasting tenderness that David Vann has spilt from the very beginning of the story.

I would want to emphasize the importance of an attractive edition, and this book's hardback copy has got an impeccable one. It's also been illustrated with the images of the fish that Caitlin admires most.

The novel will hook you from the start and surprise you with some tough events. Nevertheless, it also gives birth to hope.

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