viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Goth Girl

It's been years since I haven't read an illustrated book. I also must admit that Chris Riddell was an unknown cartoonist to me, even though I had already seen some of his drawings without knowing they were his. In fact, I love drawings and pictures, so this work is one of those great opportunities to admire fantastic illustrations made by the same author of the story. And this story has been so beautifully published, that you handle it somehow like a jewel to keep on your favourite bookshelf.

Ada Goth lives with her father, Lord Goth, who compels her to wear a pair of huge noisy boots in order to be heard and not seen in his vast mansion house. Apart from that annoying issue, Ada will soon get into an investigation which is going to make her life far more exciting. From the moment she meets Ishmael, the ghost of a mouse, Ada will have the chance to inspect some of the unexplored spots of the house. She is also going to meet a bunch of new people and creatures, who will collaborate on figuring out what someone is plotting in relation to an important event that will soon be held there.

Brilliantly planned and full of excitement, exquisitely well chosen situations and smart details, I'm sure that children will love Goth Girl's pictures and its nutty details, but also grown-ups, as it is crowded with lovely references to History, Arts and Literature. Even if the plot was not so interesting to them, it wouldn't be hard to find many delightful niceties to keep on turning pages.

I definitely enjoyed the quirky humour and, again, the illustrations. I often went to the aerial view of Ghastly-Gorm Hall and its gardens  -displayed in the first pages-,  which becomes a fantastic way to keep well located in the property. It's a pity though that Ishmael, the ghost mouse, doesn't appear in the story as much as it might be expected, but the character really is a goal anyway. Nevertheless, you end up finding a great surprise at the end, or a teeny-weeny one, as it reads on the back of this lovely book!

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Gustavo D´Orazio dijo...

Tus entradas ingeniosas, creativas, forman parte de mi lectura... que el invierno se presente benigno...gracias por tu saludo, amigo...