jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

A Bright Moon For Fools

A debut novel is not always expected to be a rewarding read. This one, though, is centered in a fascinating character who makes it an outstanding first novel.

After having robbed a woman all her money, Harry Christmas has fled to Venezuela. He wants to be far away from ‘the Rot’, which is all that makes his country and the entire world unpleasant to him. He also aims to get to the beach of Guiria, a place he and his deceased wife wanted to visit together. His plan is to read poetry for her.

The stepson of the cheated woman, some sort of a psychopath who wants revenge on him, travels to Caracas and gets close behind him. This will cause serious difficulties to Christmas, who will betray some people he meets just because he is not capable to take control of the events. 

Harry Christmas is outspoken, irreverent, disrespectful and a big liar. He is a rogue (somehow in the old style) who lives at the expense of others and indeed a repulsive character, but a fascinating one at the same time. I couldn't care less about what happens to him, but I get caught by his lurching back and forth and appreciate his tender aspect as I get to know more details of his bereavement. In fact, Christmas has not overcome his wife and daughter’s dead and, as a result,  appears to act in anger against the world. I end up feeling sorry for his reprehensible behaviour and binge drinking, which only brings more trouble to him.

In the first part of the novel, while reading on the things he can't stand I enjoy the way Jasper Gibson observes our civilization in a humorous, sometimes hilarious, manner. Some parts of the book become hard to follow as the author begins telling the main character's dreams. It is also difficult to enter the personality of Slade, the furious stepson, who is much more an archetype of an evil individual than a genuine cruel person.

Still, A bright moon for fools is fun and many times you think it's worth getting to the end, which is not too bad at all.


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Gracias por tus recomendaciones. "La Sinfonía", me ha gustado. Saludos...